A THIRD Of Millennials Think The Earth Is Flat, Shocking Survey Reveals

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, have been given a bad rep over the years with most being labeled as lazy and overly attached to technology. However, a new study conducted by an internet-based market research and data analytics firm has shown that there may be a good reason for the bad reputation.

As reported by Forbes, YouGov recently conducted an online poll involving more than 8,000 candidates in the United States, which revealed very shocking results. The recent survey apparently showed that only 66 percent of young adults aged 18 to 24 years old believe that the world is round.

The online survey was conducted in February to gather the most current data regarding people’s beliefs and their views on science and the planet. It came as quite a shock to researchers when they found out that there was still a significant amount of millennials that were not convinced that the earth is round.

The survey had asked the participants direct and simple questions such as if they were skeptical about the planet’s shape or if they believed that it was actually flat. 

While some expressed their skepticism about the actual shape of the planet, the research found that there was around two percent that firmly believed that the earth was indeed flat.

According to YouGov, there is apparently a direct correlation between the religiousness of a person with the belief that the world is flat. The survey had included several questions regarding the participant’s religion, income, and political views. It was then found out that more than half the supposed flat-earthers had listed themselves as “very religious.”

On the brighter side, the survey had found out that the belief in a flat earth had decreased with younger generations. The total amount of people, which includes all participants in every age group, showed that only 16 percent believed that the earth is flat. 

As for political views, the research only found a slight variation between Democrats and Republicans. 83 percent of Democrats believe that the earth is round, while 89 percent of Republicans share the same view. Income also reportedly plays a part in the likelihood of being a flat-earther. The survey revealed that only eight percent of people whose income are over $80,000 believe the earth is flat. 

This number jumps to 21 percent for people who are earning less than $40,000.



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