Shocking News Thousands Of Dolphins Killed By Tradition In Denmark

Every year, in the coastal areas of the Danish islands of Faroe, thousands of dolphins are slaughtered by teenagers who celebrate that they have reached adulthood in this cruel way.

The ceremony takes place in the spring when the pilot dolphins approach the coasts, and the whole village prepares for the "big day". This act, which takes place outdoors and in full view of everyone, becomes a party that leaves the waters dyed red, bathed in blood.

It is a tradition of more than 1,200 years in which between 1,000 and 2,500 dolphins are killed. Young people take advantage of the confidence that pilot whales have towards people to celebrate their initiation into adulthood, although it could be questioned that killing animals in cold blood is an adult.
The reason why nobody does anything there to stop this massacre is that before agriculture played a very important role in the islands, but nowadays fishing, the fishing industry and the export of fish are the most important commercial activities. In addition, calderón meat accounts for approximately a quarter of the total consumption of meat.

We must remember that it is not the only tradition that consists in the mistreatment of animals. In countries around the world we can find cruel acts with animals. The positive thing is that they seem to be supported, each time, by a smaller number of people, but unfortunately enough for them to continue being carried out.

Raising awareness is the key, and that is why environmental education is so important and that the media make us aware of such atrocities, because many few do something big