These Photos Explain Why Throwing Away Plastic Trash Puts Our World In Grave Danger


Credit: thehorsehoekid

It is estimated that approximately 300 million tons of plastic is produced each year and half of that are only used once. Surprisingly, only 10% of the plastic is recycled and the rest ends up being in oceans, rivers and garbage dumps.

A turtle with plastic in its mouth

Yamamoto Biology

An albatross chick died because plastic marine debris was fed to the chick by its parents.

Credit: Chris Jordan/USFWS
A white stork stuck in a plastic bag.


Credit: John Cancalosi

Birds making their nests using cigarettes and plastic waste.

Credit: YouTube

Entangled Hawksbill Sea Turtle in Hawaii.

Credit: NOAA Marine Debris Clearinghouse

A fish stuck in powerade wrapper.

Credit: thehorsehoekid

Plastic ring stuck around a duck's neck.

Credit: Ian Kirk

This hermet crab is using a plastic cap as a shell.

Credit: Reddit/u/schmitty812